12 Keys to Mindfulness by Steve Van Gard
A Life of Abundance by Steve Van Gard
Strategy to Success by Steve Van Gard
Self Transformation Techniques by Steve Van Gard
Self Discipline for Success by Steve Van Gard
Positive Thinking by Steve Van Gard
Self Development for Success
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Self Renaissance by Steve Van Gard

​The Path to Self Renaissance ​

The ​Path to Self Renaissance is a 55 Days journey  to elevate and enlight yourself​. 2 comprehensive Manuals and almost 2 months of daily ​contents through daily emails. You will get all the coordinates you need to ​search your way,  find your inner balance, boost your productivity and actually take ACTION. 

The path is composed of 2 Manuals, 6 videos, 50 suggested and explained books from Masters in self growth, spirituality, psychology, business, and it is developed through 5 main Chapters and a roadmap of 55 consecutive days of personal development.


​Stefano V aka Steve Van Gard

Steve Van Gard is a businessman and consultant. He loves animals, music, travels. His thought about self-growth is focused both on concepts and action. He is an online marketing specialist and an independent publisher.