​Expand your ​Mind ​​and build a Better Version of Yourself​​​ ​

Whatever You're ​Doing, Wherever You Are, There's So Much More You Can Get Out ​Of Your Mind

“​Transformation is a process. It’s a journey of discovery. ”

$ 87 One Time Payment! 

​Reset your Mind eManual + 55 Steps Newsletter + Compendium of the Masters eBook + New Contents lifetime

​Can you imagine yourself three months from now? How about one year from now? Where do you want to be? 

How many times have you told yourself that you are not satisfied with your life, your position, or simply with your productivity and efficiency? And how often did you not feel balanced with yourself, resistant to stress and external negative stimuli? Probably many times, like all of us.

But the question is: have you ever really visualized where you would like to be in the future? O​n a very specific day of the future? In a month, six months, a year? The power of this visualization can be surprising and rejuvenating. Provided that you immerse yourself completely, and that you dedicate yourself with absolute commitment to the realization of your vision.

You're probably wondering how you can do it. The answer is only one: you must learn to cleanse your mind from the thoughts that sabotage you, and reprogram your unconscious paradigms. It looks difficult? It is not. On two conditions: that you are really willing to act; and that you let yourself be guided by enlightened and visionary minds, who have already accomplished this path before you, with great success.

Precisely for this reason The Path to Self Renaissance is born. Just to challenge yourself to act, guiding you for 55 days on a journey that will expand your mind, strengthen your awareness, and project you towards the life you have seen and chosen.

​What You Will Find Inside

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    ​An over 250 pages Manual to start reprogramming your mind, freeing it from the most common everyday thoughts that sabotage your success and your inner peace.
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    ​A 55 days pathway ​in which you will receive every day a re-elaboration of the central message of a book concerning personal growth, efficiency, inner balance. One piece after another to expand your mind and rebuild your awareness.
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    ​A daily set of practical actionable tips ​that you can choose to deepen or put into practice immediately.
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    ​​5 thematic sections, which we will call Chapters, ​for the 5 phases of your journey of transformation.​​​​
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    ​6 videos to focus your mind on reprogramming your thoughts, and on the uprooting of your unconscious paradigms. 
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    An over 150 pages final Compendium that collects the 50 readings you should do to start your new inner and professional life.
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    All future updates and follow-ups released, lifetime!

​Do You Accept The Challenge? Are You Ready For Your 55 Days Journey? - Here It Is: “​Self Renaissance​”

Self Renaissance by Steve Van Gard

​If you want to find out what is the best version of yourself, it's time to do something new. No matter if you want to make more money, live in a healtier body, experience the abundance life has to offer or living more meaningful relationships.

For achieving all that, you have to change and you have to the action. ​​Transform your mindset, your habits, your environment, your community. This is your blueprint:

  1. ​'Reset your Mind' (direct immediate download)
  2. The 55 Steps​ (1 email per day, for 55 days)​​​
  3. 'Compendium of the Masters'​ (direct download, on the 55th day)​​​
Reset your mind cover, by Steve Van Gard

​All starts from here. A deep rethinking of yourself through the key concepts of: Abundance - Transformation - Mindfulness - Action - Self Discipline.

55 Steps newsletter

​55 days for the most enlightening challenge you've ever done. Every single day, an inspiring content in your inbox, and few immediately-actionable tips.

Compendium of the Masters cover, by Steve Van Gard

​The last step of your journey. The whole Compendium of your inspiring travel, to fix all ​the steps, and keep them all ​clear and alive in your (new) mind.

​The 5 Chapters 




​Inner Peace




​Self Improvement



See what our ​READERS have to say:


​"I​'m not particularly into digital products or digital services, but I have to admit that this path is incredibly inspiring. ​A simple, continuous example that we can be whoever we want and we can do anything we want. There are ​no limits in what ​we can do, when ​we are able to remove limiting thoughts from the mind."

Tammy Sabetta


​Australia - Chef

"​Not only interesting. Extremely useful"

"​I follow Steve Van Gard's contents since a long time. I'm a very practical and focused person, and I have to say that Self Renaissance is not ​only interesting, but also very useful in everyday professional life. Highly recommended."

Massimo Sebastianelli


​Italy - ​ Lawyer

$ 87 One Time Payment!

​​Reset your Mind eManual + 55 Steps Newsletter + Compendium of the Masters eBook + New Contents lifetime

60 days money back

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you won't be satisfied with the service you can ask for a full refund within 60 days.

"​A daily, good habit"

"​I have a very busy life and oftentimes is hard even to find time for reading and ​looking for good books. This pathway is extremely useful and I consider it like a good daily 5 minutes-habit. Great structure, many authors and books I didn't know before, solid concepts."



​​Italy - Teacher and Trainer

"​Full of actionable tips"

"​I'm always in search of motivational and inspirational contents. Many times, however, I end up being dissatisfied with the readings I make. Sometime I find them trivial, others too little concrete. ​On the contrary, Self Renaissance is an enlightening path full of tips and ideas to put into practice immediately. I really liked it."



​Ukraine - ​Translator

​F.A.Q. about ​Self Renaissance ​

Q. Will I receive all material at the same time?

A. No, there is a logical and chronological order in sending the contents. For example, the Compendium will be sent to you only upon completion of your journey.

Q. Should I follow the sequence of the content I will receive?

A. You should follow the order of the contents that are delivered to you with the Newsletter. The daily cadence will make it easier to scan the times. The book Reset your Mind, however, can be a parallel reading to the daily steps.

Q. Do I need further material to get full access to the benefits of this course?

A. Absolutely not. During the ​pathway you will be given many indications of reading or deepening of the concepts. But none of these suggestions is binding for the full understanding of the contents, nor for the success of your ​journey.

Q. Which format of the eBooks I can choose?

A. For both 'Reset your Mind' and 'Compendium of the Masters' you will download the PDF format of the books.

Q. What does it mean 'updates and follow ups included'?

A. Self Renaissance will be enriched over time with new contents. They could be new Chapters of the Newsletter or new books. As long as you remain enrolled in the service you will be entitled to receive all the new material, even when the public price has risen.

$ 87 One Time Payment!

​​Reset your Mind eManual + 55 Steps Newsletter + Compendium of the Masters eBook + New Contents lifetime

"​What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become. They all go together. This belief is based on the idea that everything is energy. We, as human beings together with our thoughts are made from "pure energy”. And due to the attraction of alike energy, a person can improve their own health, wealth and personal relationships and live an abundant life if their energy is at that level of abundance.”

Steve Van Gard signature

P.S.: ​As soon as ​we will release the follow up of this journey, the price will rise up. There's no catch, it's just a reminder. Since procrastination is (almost) never a good strategy - as you will learn in the 55 Steps P​ath - taking Action HERE and NOW is overall the best strategy. Also about the start of ​​your path to Self Renaissance :-)

60 days money back

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